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Training camps and Workshops

Marrey Training Systems can organise professional and specific camps and Workshops for small or large groups.

In Our Training Camps we use a ratio of one coach per 10 people so that the group gets value for money. We provide back up, route marking, and generally make the experience one not to forget. Weekend or week day training camps can be organised at our base in the west of Ireland. The roads in Mayo and Galway are quiet, motorists are well aware of cyclists and are that much more friendly towards groups. Terrains vary from being flat to nice long steady climbs.

We can also organise training camps at a venue or facility of your choice.



We Specialize in organising workshops at venues that suit your group, look at services to pick a workshop of your choice.


Preparation camps

Accommodation can be hostel-type or Hotel - B&B

These camp will be aimed at the preparation phases for your new season

The camp will be open to all abilities be you a racing elite cyclist or a leisure recreational cyclist, there will be groups set out to cater for you needs with coaches on hand to set out specific session plan.


Warm weather training.

We can book and arrange cycling training camps in  Italy and Majorca for groups and individuals for one or two weeks duration all year round. Coaches can also be arranged to be in attendance so your training is tailored to suit your groups needs.

Our camps are ideal for training be you a Tri-athlete or cycling enthusiast , long sunny days, quiet roads and lanes make it a safe and fulfilling training experience.


See news page for upcoming camps.

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