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Mayo RAS Team 2012

“Effort and Courage are not enough without Purpose and Direction”


Marrey Training Systems offers training programmes and services for all athletic abilities we can help you reach your individual goals. We design balanced programs that meet your needs and work with you to develop a realistic training program that matches your lifestyle, your goals and your budget. Using performance profiling to break down your strength and needs in the following 6 areas: Physical, Mental, Tactical, Technical, Lifestyle, and personal time


Services Provided


Cycling programs, for the following disciplines:

Recreational and leisure cycling



Road, Track, MTB, Cyclo Cross and Time Trailing



Recreational, Sprint, Olympic distance, Half Iron Man, Full Iron man.



Recreational to Competitive

10k  to Marathon Distance



Competition programs

Race strategy and planning

Long tern career options

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planning

Personalized programs designed towards your goals considering your physiology and fitness level

Analysis of your progress using heart rate, power tools(SRM, Power Tap) and physical testing

Feedback using phone, email and personal monitoring.



We deliver classes in the following Circuit, Stability Ball, Core strength and Body Pump.


Weight and Power Training Sessions

Strength with free weights

Body sculpture



Group Training

Marrey Training Systems can take small groups on specific sessions to suit the needs of the group.


Coaching Services

· One to One coaching

· Semi private

· Bike Handling Skills

· Groups riding Skills

· Descending techniques

· Demonstration in how to do specific sessions

· Strength training plans

· Weight and power strength programs (Bike and Gym)

· Core strength Testing and Training advice

· Bike position set up and equipment consultation

· Nutritional information and advice to suit your needs


Fitness Testing

We offer fitness testing for all abilities of athletes, we specialize in testing for cycling.

We can also individual test cyclists to see where their talents are best suited, be that for road racing, Track, Tri-athlon, or mountain biking. The test unit and protocols hail from Australia.

We can carry out testing at a venue of your choice or at my Base in Mayo.

The information given is more specific than that given at testing centre around the country.


Information identified from the Tests

· Aerobic Power

· Explosive Power

· Max Power

· Lactate Power

· Aerobic strength

· Max Heart Rate

· Heart Rate Zones

· Body Fats

· Weight and height.