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Mayo RAS Team 2012

Marrey training system coaches offer cycling and triathlon training that can help you reach your individual competition goals. Using the principles of breaking down your training needs into 6 sections, physical, mental, tactical, technical, lifestyle and personal.

Training and coaching should be affordable, specialized and realistic, we design balanced training plans that meet athletes needs. When you sign on to be coached, Marrey Training System coaches will work with you to develop a realistic training program that matches your lifestyle, your goals and your budget.

We specialize in cycling, swimming, running or triathlon training, signing on with Marrey Training Systems gives you access to a host of professional services, including:


· Consultation to evaluate your strengths and weakness

· A personalized training plan designed for your physiology, your fitness level, and your goals

· On-going analysis of your progress via heart rate monitoring, power tools, testing, and perceived feel.

· Easy and unlimited access to your coach for feedback and questions

· Nutritional information and advice to facilitate your overall progress

· Bike fitting and equipment consultation

· Weight and strength training plans for core and anatomy problems.

· Race strategy and planning

· Mental and Motivational coaching

· Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planning